Pet Sitting Columbia MD and Howard County

Columbia’s Original Pet Sitting Service LLC. was started in 1971 to provide loving pet sitting in Columbia, MD and Howard County, MD. In fact, we were the first professional pet sitting service in the United States, and have taken care of pets in over 10,00 homes. Over the past 45 years we have been featured in newspapers, magazines, on TV, and radio. During this time we have been Voted Best Pet Sitter by the readers of Baltimore Magazine, and profiled several times in the Baltimore Sun. Also, we have been featured on T.V. by Channel 2 News, and the very popular Channel 13 WJZ “Evening Magazine Show”. We are recommended by numerous local veterinarians, thousands of pets, and their owners. Most of all we truly love all types of pets, and have devoted our lives to their care and well being. We provide the best pet sitting in Columbia, MD and Howard County.

Contact Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jack to get started at 410-766-1933.

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